Hi! We’re new here.

We’re proud to announce the founding of Lost Boys Press!

LBP isn’t your traditional publishing house. We seek to elevate daring, talented voices in the independent book scene. Our titles are brave, irreverent, playful, and edgy.

We seek to push boundaries in fiction by releasing titles that may not fit into corporate/traditional publishing models. In fact, we dare to be different!  

That’s what’s cool about being the little guyyou get to experiment without a room of middle-people involved.

It’s our belief there’s room for risky books and risk-takers in a saturated market filled with boiler-plate fiction and we’re here to serve some up goodies up to you.

Short term, we’re going to publish some amazing books.

Long term, we’re going to dominate the world (maybe?) by signing and working with other adventurous authors, and collaborating with other like-minded presses who seek to lift up quality, independent story-tellers.

Lost Boys Press was founded by longtime friends, business associates, and creative-partners Ashley Hutchison and Chad Ryan.

Schedule of Releases (2020): 

To get started, we’ll be releasing two books in 2020:

  1. A Map to the StarsAshley Hutchison –  Part prose, part poetryall primal screamthis autobiographical novella of a childhood lost to horrific abuse from an unlikely source explores the devastation of the loss of self.
  2. Ghost River – A Novel Chad Ryan – A grimdark horror epic, following a group of prisoners living a cursed legacy in a ghost town where nothing beneath the surface is as it seems.
Ways to Support Lost Boys Press

We’re a small fish, just getting wet in a very deep ocean. There are sharks everywhere…


Ha! Kidding (sort of). Here’s what you can do to help us out:

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Your support means everything. We hope you’ll join us on this journey and visit the weird, wonderful worlds we share with you.

– Lost Boys Press Commanders