Lost Boys Press

For Immediate Release:

Announcing Lost Boy Press – Open for Business!

The Home of Daring Fiction

Phoenix, AZ (September 2020) – Lost Boy Press is proud to announce the official launch of our independent publishing house for brave and bold works of fiction.

Lost Boys Press is offering readers edgy, experimental, irreverent, and playful books that employ fresh storytelling in a sea of boiler-plate fiction.

We offer thought-provoking titles that push boundaries to deliver a unique reading experience you can’t find anywhere else.


Lost Boys Press will publish two books in 2020 – both available October 31st, 2020:

A Map to the Stars by Ashley Hutchison: A creative nonfiction memoir and exploring the endurance of self during a cycle of abuse committed by those who are supposed to love you most. Part prose, part poetry—all primal scream. A tale of survival, letting go, and learning how to pick up the pieces again.

Ghost River by Chad Ryan
: A magical realism/horror novel, this dark epic explores a cursed town in the middle of the Sonoran desert where evil takes root beneath the sand. Dark, edgy, and mature, this work examines the human condition in a horrific and accursed land where suffering is the only salvation.

We are currently NOT accepting new author submissions (yet), so stay tuned to our website: https://lostboyspress.com/submissions/ to learn more.

Also, follow Lost Boys Press on Twitter (@lostboyspress) and Instagram (/lostboyspress) to keeping current with news, giveaways, and our upcoming 2021 schedule of releases.

We’re excited to wow you with fresh titles unlike you’ve ever read before! Thank you for your support. Without indie-book lovers, our vision wouldn’t be possible.