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Writing a Killer Novel w/Chad Ryan

Join Chad Ryan, author of Ghost River, as he walks through the creative process for developing and drafting a novel!

This course is taught at a self-pace. New lessons available every Monday until the course is complete. 

Here is the syllabus for “Writing a Killer Novel w/Chad Ryan.”

Please note:

  • This course is non-genre-specific.
  • For beginning & intermediate writers.

Course Topics:

  • Part 1: Pre-Work
    • Writer’s Block (of Time)  – You Need a Schedule

    • Wordsmith Training – How to Measure Your Output

    • The One Sentence Outline – Story Pitching
    • The Dissection of a Novel & Story Beats

    • Heroes & Villains and the Arc to Change
    • Pantsing vs. Outlining vs. Hybrid Story Planning
    • Perspectives – Selecting the Right POV
  • Part 2: Drafting & Revision

    • Drafting Principles – 1st, 2nd, 3rd

    • Tension & The Anatomy of Scenes

    • Mastering Real Talk (Dialogue)

    • Hitting BIG Moments & Reader Payoff

    • Ultimate Revision Checklist

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