“HEROES” – Submissions (CLOSED)

Spring 2022 Anthology


LBP is pleased to announce that we will be accepting short story submissions for the months of August/October 2021!

We will choose 8-12 submissions to be published in our 2022 spring anthology, “Heroes”!


The prompt: Write a story using a hero/heroine from any era or culture and the original major plot points from their legends to craft a retelling in an entirely alternate setting. 

Examples: The sagas of the sons of Ragnar set in Victorian England; the epic of Odysseus during the time of the Mayans; Mulan in a Gundam-esque space war. 

Accepted stories will be published in the ‘Heroes’ anthology! E-book and print!


  • Every genre qualifies.
  • Works must be previously unpublished.
  • Must be at least 3k but no more than 9k.
  • Submissions must be in Times New Roman 12pt.
  • No headers or footers, please. Name and title on top/left of the first page.
  • The submissions deadline is before midnight October 31st, 2021. (CLOSED)
  • We encourage gender fluidity, gender-bending, LGBTQIA+ retellings, and whatever else feels appropriate to YOU for the story you want to tell. 
  • You must use the major plot points from the original legends. For example, Odysseus meets with many foes and obstacles, and you must find a way to transplant those while making them wear the masks of something else, like Scylla could instead be represented by a giant sea squid or a mythical water beast from Mayan (or whatever culture or wholly SFF creature you’re using/creating).
  • All submissions must be submitted to submissions@lostboyspress.com. Add ‘Heroes Submission’ in the subject line.
  • Chosen “Heroes/Heroines” must be from public domain works (for example, no copyrighted IP like Batman).
  • Chosen “Heroes/Heroines” should be from ‘legends’ and not fairytales (for example, Hercules not Snow White).
  • Authors will be notified by email (acceptance or decline) no later than November 15th, 2021.



If accepted, contributors will receive $50.00 as a flat fee for their story and receive (3) author copies of the printed anthology after publication. Contributors will be paid via PayPal.

International Contributors: 

Due to high postage rates (and/or postal accessibility) to some regions in the world, author copies may not be feasible and we’ll adjust the flat fee to accommodate.

Author Rights:

  • Authors will retain the copyrights to the story.
  • If selected, the Author agrees not to publish or permit others to publish the story in any form prior to its publication and appearance in the Anthology for a period of twelve [12] months after the publication of the Anthology without the prior written permission of the anthologist.