Heroes – Spring 2022 Anthology

"HEROES" - Submissions Spring 2022 Anthology About: LBP is pleased to announce that we will be accepting short story submissions for the months of August/September 2021! We will choose 8-12 submissions to be published in our 2022 spring anthology, "Heroes"! Prompt: The prompt: Write a story using a hero/heroine from any era or culture and the original major plot points from their legends to craft a retelling in an entirely alternate setting.  Examples: The sagas of the sons of Ragnar set in Victorian England; the epic of Odysseus during the time of the Mayans; Mulan in a Gundam-esque space war. ...

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FREE Writing Course – How to Write a Killer Novel!

Announcing the Lost Boys Press Academy for Writers! We're offering FREE education by creators for creators in our new on-line academy. With this platform, writers from all across the world can log in and take courses on writing, editing, marketing, and more! We don't charge for our classes and offer them to help bolster the community of writers we love! If you do find value and/or want to say thanks, we do accept gratuity. All tips go toward helping run Lost Boys Press to further our pursuit of delivering bold, daring, and diverse works of fiction! Enroll for FREE! Writing...

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Ghost River Audiobook Audition

Calling Female Audio Performers/Narrators! We’re looking for you!

We’re excited to announce an open casting call for the audiobook version of Chad Ryan’s “Ghost River.”

We’ve decided to bring this groundbreaking horror/magical realism novel to Audible and other retailers in 2021.

But first, we need to find the right voice for the denizens of Orphan Rock!

Here’s what we’re looking for…

  • A female narrator (this is non-negotiable) with a smoky voice, reminiscent of Lauren Bacall/Barbara Stanwyck 
  • Characterization is KEY, the cast is unique (and the drivers of the story) and should be acted out more than read
  • A narrator comfortable with elements of extreme horror and dark subject matter (here’s the content warning)
  • The narrator must have the ability to produce studio quality material & recordings
  • Voice acting and narration experience is a BIG PLUS

Compensation Terms…

  • We are looking for a royalty share arrangement (50/50 split)
  • A “Per Finished Hour” rate may be negotiated, not to exceed $100 dollars

 How to submit…

  1. Select portions of Ghost River (chapter one is available for free here)
  2. Record a brief sampling of your work
  3. Submit to “submissions@lostboyspress.com” with the subject “Ghost River Audition.”

 Audition Tips:

  1. Characterization is critical! Esther, Minister, Liz need to shine through and feel real, not read.
  2. Avoid overly polishing the narration: Ghost River is a book about being IMPERFECT w/heavy slang
  3. A bit of a twang in your vocals will go a long way bringing the cast to life!


Submit them to “submissions@lostboyspress.com” with the subject “Ghost River Audition.”

Good luck to all who audition! We look forward to hearing you!


Not Meant for Each Other – Submissions

"Not Meant for Each Other" - Submissions CLOSED at 3/31/21 (Midnight) Summer 2021 Anthology About: LBP is pleased to announce that we will be accepting short story submissions for the months of February/March 2021! We will choose 8-12 submissions to be published in our 2021 summer anthology, "Not Meant for Each Other"! Prompt: The topic for submissions: a story about the ending of a romantic relationship. Important note: The goal for writers here to give us characters that we care enough about within a short space to be upset or elated over their relationship ending. Accepted stories will be published...

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CHIMERA Contest – SPRING 2021 Anthology

"CHIMERA" - Submissions Closed Winners published in Spring Anthology (#LBPContest) About: LBP is pleased to announce that we will be holding a writing contest for the month of November/December! We will choose 8-12 submissions to be published in our very first anthology, "Chimera" in the spring of 2021! Prompt: The topic for this contest is creature lore swap, so pick a favorite mythological or fantastical creature and swap their traits with another creature to create a totally unique myth! Here’s an example: taking all or some traits of a vampire and swapping it with all or some traits of a...

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Where Does It Go? – Podcast Interview w/Chad Ryan

Where Does It Go? - Podcast Interview with Chad Ryan From the WDIG Website: We had the good fortune to get to interview the author Chad Ryan, about ghosts! His debut novel, Ghost River, looks at ghosts in a variety of iterations, and we talk about his research for the novel, his personal ghost experiences, and a philosophical discussion on why ghosts are such a common concept. Sarah and Emily also provide first impressions on what they’ve read of Chad’s work, what they enjoyed about it, and how much they’re looking forward to reading Ghost River once it’s released, on...

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A Map to the Stars – Reviews Are In

A Map to the Stars - Early Reviews We're thrilled and humbled by the initial response to Ashley Hutchison's debut novella, A Map to the Stars. This powerful creative fiction memoir follows Avery, a child, who endures a cycle of abuse by those who should love her most. Poignant, gripping, and emotional - A Map to the Stars is a testament to the human will to survive the unthinkable. Here's some early reviews: Helen Whistberry Denise Ruttan Em, The Writing Lich Goodreads Reviews A Map to the Stars will be available on October, 31st 2020. Pre-Order is available.

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Ghost River – Chapter 1 Preview

The following chapter is from Ghost River by Chad Ryan available October 31st, 2020. Note: The following chapter contains mature subject matter, graphic violence, sexual situations, and disturbing imagery for mature audiences (18+) only. 1978 1. Chipped dishes in the sink. Red, frothy mold floated on top of half-scrubbed pans. Fat maggots squirmed around the forgotten edges of the basin. Cigarette butts formed clumpy islands in cups of muddy water. Horseflies tapped on the windowsill. A baby mewled from the nursery at the back of the old stone-stacked house nestled at the base of Orphan Rock. “Coming, Little Snake!” Esther...

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