FREE Writing Course – How to Write a Killer Novel!

Announcing the Lost Boys Press Academy for Writers! We're offering FREE education by creators for creators in our new on-line academy. With this platform, writers from all across the world can log in and take courses on writing, editing, marketing, and more! We don't charge for our classes and offer them to help bolster the community of writers we love! If you do find value and/or want to say thanks, we do accept gratuity. All tips go toward helping run Lost Boys Press to further our pursuit of delivering bold, daring, and diverse works of fiction! Enroll for FREE! Writing...

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CHIMERA Contest – SPRING 2021 Anthology

"CHIMERA" - Submissions Closed Winners published in Spring Anthology (#LBPContest) About: LBP is pleased to announce that we will be holding a writing contest for the month of November/December! We will choose 8-12 submissions to be published in our very first anthology, "Chimera" in the spring of 2021! Prompt: The topic for this contest is creature lore swap, so pick a favorite mythological or fantastical creature and swap their traits with another creature to create a totally unique myth! Here’s an example: taking all or some traits of a vampire and swapping it with all or some traits of a...

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Where Does It Go? – Podcast Interview w/Chad Ryan

Where Does It Go? - Podcast Interview with Chad Ryan From the WDIG Website: We had the good fortune to get to interview the author Chad Ryan, about ghosts! His debut novel, Ghost River, looks at ghosts in a variety of iterations, and we talk about his research for the novel, his personal ghost experiences, and a philosophical discussion on why ghosts are such a common concept. Sarah and Emily also provide first impressions on what they’ve read of Chad’s work, what they enjoyed about it, and how much they’re looking forward to reading Ghost River once it’s released, on...

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A Map to the Stars – Reviews Are In

A Map to the Stars - Early Reviews We're thrilled and humbled by the initial response to Ashley Hutchison's debut novella, A Map to the Stars. This powerful creative fiction memoir follows Avery, a child, who endures a cycle of abuse by those who should love her most. Poignant, gripping, and emotional - A Map to the Stars is a testament to the human will to survive the unthinkable. Here's some early reviews: Helen Whistberry Denise Ruttan Em, The Writing Lich Goodreads Reviews A Map to the Stars will be available on October, 31st 2020. Pre-Order is available.

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Press Release: Lost Boys Press – Open for Business!

Lost Boys Press

For Immediate Release:

Announcing Lost Boy Press – Open for Business!

The Home of Daring Fiction

Phoenix, AZ (September 2020) – Lost Boy Press is proud to announce the official launch of our independent publishing house for brave and bold works of fiction.

Lost Boys Press is offering readers edgy, experimental, irreverent, and playful books that employ fresh storytelling in a sea of boiler-plate fiction.

We offer thought-provoking titles that push boundaries to deliver a unique reading experience you can’t find anywhere else.


Lost Boys Press will publish two books in 2020 – both available October 31st, 2020:

A Map to the Stars by Ashley Hutchison: A creative nonfiction memoir and exploring the endurance of self during a cycle of abuse committed by those who are supposed to love you most. Part prose, part poetry—all primal scream. A tale of survival, letting go, and learning how to pick up the pieces again.

Ghost River by Chad Ryan
: A magical realism/horror novel, this dark epic explores a cursed town in the middle of the Sonoran desert where evil takes root beneath the sand. Dark, edgy, and mature, this work examines the human condition in a horrific and accursed land where suffering is the only salvation.

We are currently NOT accepting new author submissions (yet), so stay tuned to our website: to learn more.

Also, follow Lost Boys Press on Twitter (@lostboyspress) and Instagram (/lostboyspress) to keeping current with news, giveaways, and our upcoming 2021 schedule of releases.

We’re excited to wow you with fresh titles unlike you’ve ever read before! Thank you for your support. Without indie-book lovers, our vision wouldn’t be possible.

New Kids on the Block

Hi! We’re new here.

We’re proud to announce the founding of Lost Boys Press!

LBP isn’t your traditional publishing house. We seek to elevate daring, talented voices in the independent book scene. Our titles are brave, irreverent, playful, and edgy.

We seek to push boundaries in fiction by releasing titles that may not fit into corporate/traditional publishing models. In fact, we dare to be different!  

That’s what’s cool about being the little guyyou get to experiment without a room of middle-people involved.

It’s our belief there’s room for risky books and risk-takers in a saturated market filled with boiler-plate fiction and we’re here to serve some up goodies up to you.

Short term, we’re going to publish some amazing books.

Long term, we’re going to dominate the world (maybe?) by signing and working with other adventurous authors, and collaborating with other like-minded presses who seek to lift up quality, independent story-tellers.

Lost Boys Press was founded by longtime friends, business associates, and creative-partners Ashley Hutchison and Chad Ryan.

Schedule of Releases (2020): 

To get started, we’ll be releasing two books in 2020:

  1. A Map to the StarsAshley Hutchison –  Part prose, part poetryall primal screamthis autobiographical novella of a childhood lost to horrific abuse from an unlikely source explores the devastation of the loss of self.
  2. Ghost River – A Novel Chad Ryan – A grimdark horror epic, following a group of prisoners living a cursed legacy in a ghost town where nothing beneath the surface is as it seems.
Ways to Support Lost Boys Press

We’re a small fish, just getting wet in a very deep ocean. There are sharks everywhere…


Ha! Kidding (sort of). Here’s what you can do to help us out:

  • Follow us on Twitter & Instagram
  • Please sign up for our newsletter so we can keep in touch (on the side panel).
  • Be on the lookout for our 2020 Releases!

Your support means everything. We hope you’ll join us on this journey and visit the weird, wonderful worlds we share with you.

– Lost Boys Press Commanders