About Us – A Different Kind of Publisher

Let’s Go There – A Different Kind of Publisher

Lost Boys Press isn’t your traditional press. We’re not looking for the next carbon-copy story. We’re a different kind of publisher. We’re cool with our titles being WEIRD and not for everybody. In fact, if we tried to chase the trends we’d be just another face in the crowd.

Like an underground radio station, we’re signal-seeking readers and writers who revel in the deep cuts. We’re committed to the power of story-telling, the honest expression of self, and that conventions and norms are meant for bending, even breaking. We also believe that quality, daring fiction can sell if we work together and lift up fresh, talented voices.

Our Promise to Readers

Our mission is to celebrate our discerning readership by providing the unique kind of reading experiences unavailable anywhere else in the market.

We publish stories that are:

  • imaginative
  • unconventional
  • edgy at times
  • and chocked full of genuine emotion.

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Our Promise to Authors

Lost Boys Press was launched by indie-writers for indie-writers. We believe that far too many AMAZING stories are slushed due to them not fitting into mass-market trends.

We have an independent, rebellious spirit and welcome authors with the drive to tell stories in fresh, inventive ways. Life’s too short not to stand out!

Why Publish with Lost Boys Press?

We’re a different kind of publisher. We work in collaboration with our authors to help them achieve their story’s potential and vision. Further, we believe in pooling resources and talent from our ranks to lift each other.

As we build our network and grow our brand, we want Lost Boys authors to reap the rewards of all of our hard work together. Our success is your success.   

Check our Submissions guidelines for all the deets.

Our Team

  • Ashley Hutchison

    Ashley Hutchison

    (1) Written Books

    Editor, writer, and painter with experience working for Triplicity Publishing, New London Writers, and Equinox Books. She is a managing partner of Lost Boys Press. When not dabbling in books and art, you'll find Ashley searching for the weird and wonderful in local bookstores.

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  • Chad Ryan

    Chad Ryan

    (1) Written Books

    Author and managing partner of Lost Boys Press. When not writing for WritingIsWar or his next novel, Chad plays way too many video games and hunts scorpions for sport. Check out his links: here.

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