We’re on the hunt for incredible stories that break the mold and dare to be different.

Submission Status:

Depending on our release calendar, we may not be requesting works at this time. Check the status below to see what we’re accepting.

Targeted Acquisitions Only

Our Acquisitions Editor, Brett Mann, is NOT currently accepting queries for novels! Keep an eye out for when acquisitions open again!

Anthology/E-zine Submissions

We’re now accepting submission for the following e-zine:

Frequently Asked Questions (Submissions)

Common Questions and Answers about the Lost Boys Press Submission Process

What genre of submission do you Accept?

We accept all genres. We are interested in amazing stories.

Do you accept unsolicited manuscripts?

When submissions are open, we will accept…both solicited and unsolicited manuscripts. Please follow specific call requests for details.  

Do you have a min/max on acceptable word counts?

We have no set parameters on word counts unless specified. We are more concerned with the quality and content of the submissions. 

After Submitting, what is the timing for a response?

Depending on the project, it may take up to three months for an editor to review your submission and respond accordingly. We will do our best to review submissions in a timely manner.

What are your formatting guidelines?

  • The submission should include a query letter and the first three chapters of your manuscript.
  • The submission should be double-spaced with 1” margins.
  • The submission’s pages should be numbered consecutively at the top, right-hand side along with the title of the manuscript.
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